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A Mixed-media take on the Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam

A book of Verse beneath the bough,
A Jug of wine, a loaf of Bread
And Thou beside me singing in the Wilderness
Oh Wilderness were Paradise enow!

Last week I chanced upon my dad's copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Unlike the sumptuous versions available online (some of them for free download), dad's copy was a small, hard-bound version, bought with his first salary, some time in the 1950s (I am guessing).

For some we loved, the loveliest and the best
That Time and Fate of all their Vintage prest,
Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before
And one by one, crept silently to Rest

When we were little, he liked to read it to us - dad was the kind of man who read bedtime stories to his kids and enjoyed them as much as we did. When he had run out of stories, he just pulled whatever book was handy, off the bookshelves and continued reading aloud. By then we were nodding off, but the rhythm and rhymes remained entrenched in the subconscious.

The Worldly hope men set their hearts upon
Turns …

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